As someone who values a purposeful life above all else, Innocente is enthusiastically working towards unlocking potential and human performance capacity in businesses. She enjoys working with purpose-driven organisations that value their employees and what they deliver. This results in fulfilled employees who are more productive, creative and innovative. This approach is not only good for employees but also for business. Given the current economic climate and the resultant strain on our economy, most clients feel the pressure of having to do more with the resources available to them. PF-28
Innocente decided to be a businesswoman at the age of fourteen and has never looked back. She loves the fulfilment of having a career and achieving her goals, as well as helping others achieve theirs. She considers the fact that people would subject themselves, or others, to working in occupations where they find no fulfilment or joy inhumane. Her goal is to rectify this by ensuring that organisational strategy, culture, leadership and performance management systems are aligned to provide employees with an opportunity to show up at their best in organisations. This increases productivity and positively impacts the bottom line in organisations. Innocente is the founder of PerformForward. The company name honours the forward-focused approach she developed which is based on over 20 years of business experience in various disciplines, including psychology, human resources, organisational development, internal communications, project management and marketing. She is also a business coach, speaker and an eternal learner who believes that continual improvement and a growth mindset provides for endless opportunity in life.

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Our select group of associates and partners apply their expertise in, among others, psychology, human resources, coaching, strategy and marketing to help businesses strengthen their leadership, organizational culture, performance management and employee engagement. We leverage a powerful combination of consulting and coaching; training and development; and cloud-based applications to provide business leaders with feedback based on current trends and to empower them with strategies to overcome challenges in the workplace. Follow us on LinkedIn. The photo on this page was taken by Urvesh Rama.