All the topics below can be delivered as keynote presentations (customized to suit the needs of your conference or strategy session), or as interactive workshops. Bespoke speaking topics and workshops can be requested as well.  Contact us for more information on booking a presentation or creating a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Human Beings not Human Doings

Despite many advancements in technology, the work culture of the Industrial Revolution is still dictating workforce practices today. This leads to the dehumanizing of the workforce and, in turn, to poor or inconsistent performance.

This presentation looks at workplace practices and their impact on productivity. It shows how this can be countered by the implementation of motivation theory in the workplace and also cover how the so-called happy hormones can assist in motivation. The talk is wrapped up by looking at perceptions around emotions in the workplace and describes how emotional intelligence can be used to, not only deal with those emotions, but also connect to the workforce.  Contact us to find how we assist in bringing these learnings to your organization.

f17835d0-9ea2-4fee-97ae-ccf5a51458efTransformational People Management

HR is seen as a set of run-of-the-mill practices that culminate in a cost-center. What is overlooked is the power of transformational HR where performance management, organizational culture, leadership and employee engagement can position a company’s HR function as a strategic partner in the business.

This presentation takes a closer look at increasing discretionary productivity in existing employees in a way that is a win for employees, for organizations and for customers. It does this by looking at the Engage, Focus and Perform approach and what best practice has to say. It also relates this model back to the Big 4 – performance management, organizational culture, leadership and employee engagement and shows how these can contribute to a positive work environment. The presentation ends with a suggested process flow for addressing issues related to these areas in the audience’s business.  To start the transformation mindset in your business, contact us today.

Passion and Human Productivity

Traditionally when businesses are planning to scale a very specific set of criteria need to be met. While one of these is headcount, very often heart-count is overlooked.
Multiracial contemporary business people working connected with technological devices like tablet and laptop

This presentation is specifically focused on addressing the oft-overlooked element of loss of employee purpose when scaling businesses. The presentation starts with a look at the employee experience during organizational growth. Psychological theory is then used to describe some of the changes experienced in larger organizations and how this impacts on smaller businesses that are scaling. To assist the audience in inoculating their business against a loss of purpose Innocente describes the use of motivational theory and purpose driven work to align organizational and employee purpose in order to create a fulfilling work environment.  The presentation ends with an outline for aligning individuals to their new roles in order to bring the process to full circle. To nurture or re-ignite the purpose in your workforce, contact us today.

AdobeStock_164972173Emotionally Intelligent Design

Human-centered design is an important element in bringing back connection between humans and the services and products they use. The challenge lies in cementing the “human-ness” into every step of the process in a way that goes beyond the odd focus group.

In this session we explore the concepts behind human-centered design and the tenets of emotional intelligence. We also look at how to improve human-centered design by leveraging emotional intelligence. The session includes interactive elements which help participants think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom. This assists in finding the best synergy between meeting expectations while remaining creative and innovative. Contact us to find out more.

Goal Setting for Success

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  Zig Ziglar

Failure to achieve goals has a direct impact on the business’ initial outcomes and on the growth and future potential of the employees which has a further long-term effect on the future performance of the business.

This workshop assists participants in creating and actioning and completing organisational appropriate goals. This is done in a two-step approach. The first is understanding the participant’s realities, obstacles and opportunities around the goal and to plan proactively around that. The second is looking at the participant themselves and understanding the person who needs to achieve the goal. This includes understanding their purpose and how they see the value they add. Some time is also spent on accountability in goal performance.

The result is well-defined and appropriate goals that align with the participants’ being and set them up for success and increase their impact on the business. Contact us to find out more.

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